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Experts & material concept
modular, minimal and individual

Materials optimally utilized to provide a high flexible value
For our modular kitchen system.



Cooking means love, flexibility stands for life. Some things come, 
many things go. In a constantly changing time, with new ones
life requirements, be it relocation, house construction bloc

is the right answer to ever-changing trends.

One thing is for sure: for us, the kitchen is the center of attention
life. It is discussed, laughed, drunk and natural also cooked.



For the materials used, we have taken care of accuracy and
carefully selected components made of

Solid wood, laminate, plastic,
aluminum and lacquer.





Innovative: Handleless design

The aluminum handles used make the
appearance of the kitchen perfect.


Innovative: hinges
The hinge straps are made of all-metal through great durability.

Optionally available:
Soft-Close door damping.
As a result, the closing process takes
place in each movement phase uniform and
absolutely seamless.




 Ground clearance

At 91 cm working height
Approx. 16 cm



Base system

To compensate for ground irregularities
And height adjustment.
You can turn the modules up from 87-91 cm

(87 – 91 cm working height)



The main drawer units consist of fully dyed, antistatic, high-impact polystyrene.

A front-to-back floor structure underlines the straightforwardness of modern design.

The material is insensitive to stains and dirt, as well as extremely easy to clean.



Drawers and pull-outs

The drawer extensions and pull-outs can be pulled
out in the partial extract.
The technically mature, ball – bearing guides
provide for a quiet, light, track-like run.


Partial and full extension systems.

In addition, a full exhaust system with damping is
available at an additional cost.

Above: Partial extension
Below: Full extension with damping




What is a partial extract? Length of drawer extended (inside dimension): approx. 36 cm.
                                            Is damped by means of bumper stops (which are located on the back of the drawer)

What is a full scale?          Length of drawer extended (inside dimension): approx. 46 cm. 
                                            The integrated damping closes the drawer gently and quietly.



Functionality Excerpts

are with a Chrome wire frame fitted.


Interior drawers drawers
and extracts:

45s | Width: 34.5 cm x depth: 44 cm
60s | Width: 49.5 cm x depth: 44 cm





Rear wall back
walls are screwed tightly
and 1 cm thick

(Screw connection visible)


As island solutions also
free of screws.

(RSF Clean)





Heat protection concepts  Induction cookers


Recessed handle bar

For induction, we prepare safe aeration paths
for our installed cooking fields.



Optimum ventilated

Back enough air is ensured



For what I need one
Heat protection floor for induction cookers?

The installation is carried out under the induction cooker and thus protects the underlying area from heat radiation and damage to the cooking area due to excessive heat development.
The heat protection base directs the heat backwards to ensure that the warm air is discharged to the outside, we prepare a ventilation area according to the manufacturer's specifications.




Workbenches deepening



Wall-joint afford




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