wood colors




We are convinced that
solid wood is one of the
most beautiful
natural materials.



naturally grown

Beech is the most important indigenous species
of hardwood in Germany.

It has an unmistakable appearance with one
smooth metal gray trunk, will be up to 40 meters high
and has just full-timbered knotless trunks.

The beech is hardwood, so we use it
also for our kitchen modules
(studs and worktops).

Due to different grinding operations and multiple lubrication
with our natural wood finish “activ-s” the
Surface smooth and supple.



Massive studs and worktops.
Solid wood gives our kitchens the perfect finish.

The use of bar-glued beechwood with a continuous lamella
radiates naturalness and homely warmth

The wood is available in four color versions oiled surface for
worktops and studs to choose from.



Material thickness studs: 6 cm |  Worktops: 3 cm


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beech wood

Naturally oiled: with a light yellow-gold character.
Our classic!





Our special pigmented oil process gives beech
solid wood an attractive tint.




Dark black color. Different color nuances make the wood look exclusive and noble.
The right decision for people with high demands for furnishings.





Has a dark brownish-reddish color. The Living
Surface structure is particularly effective here.

“Will be used very much in the country house”




 Pictures show still old tined lamelle



NEW out now 2017


Grey Wood

Dark gray real wood matches perfectly with white and brings
out symphatic heat in the room.

“A piece of Scandinavian lifestyle”.









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