made in germany

bloc and the environment, a brand with quality


We want to sell genuine MADE IN GERMANY
which is very important to us. One of our most important trademarks.
Each piece is measured high quality standards and
fair working conditions in Germany.


We have decided to cooperate with local producers,
Which are dedicated to quality work and craftsmanship.
Fittings are components of a global manufacturing structure.





our company is based on sustainability and the protection of the environment.
Our wood is 100% free of formaldehyde, free from harmful substances and pesticides.
We work in the field of solid wood exclusively without
lacquers; Stains or other chemical ingredients.

To ensure this we only use wood sustainable forestry.



What exactly does that mean? 
PEFC and FSC says:
Only so much wood can be struck As well as back again. 

Thereby setting the standards for a healthy one
Tree creeps and our environment.

Thus, we also take care of the future.




We prefer regional suppliers. Furthermore The CO2 emissions are
reduced to a minimum.
We demand impeccable quality from our suppliers According to own strict quality guidelines.
There will be no Tropical wood.





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