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Our care oil is clinically tested



Our care oil has been approved by the German Institute for Food Technology, V. and came to the following result:

More and more people attach great importance to optimal hygiene without a chemical lobe.
The natural, germ-reducing properties of wood are therefore increasingly in the focus.

The oil is a biological, highly antibacterial natural wood finish specially developed for the care and preservation of solid wood work plates. Our oil increases the hygiene in kitchens, food areas and children's rooms many times over.

The result of scientific investigations by the German Institute for Food Technology e. V. shows that after only 8 hours on a solid wood panel treated with our oil of originally 100 Mi. Bacteria strains per 10 cmcm, only seven stem parts can be detected.

This corresponds to a disinfected surface.







The main components of Activ-S are:

Cold pressed linseed oil as well as natural tree resins,
Which impregnate wooden pores inside and thus an intrusion Of liquids and dirt.

Due to the depth impregnation, the natural character of the Wood.
Solid wood panels breathe, are not electrostatic And have an antibacterial effect.

In addition, solid wood can absorb moisture and at low humidity.

This in turn ensures a healthy indoor climate.




How often do I have to


care for?

It always depends on the stress on the surface.
A simple test – if a water drop does not bubble on the surface,
after-treatment with Activ-S is recommended.

"As a guideline, a kitchen workplace is treated four times a year".




3 woodcolors 
1 care oil

   grind.                                                              apply oil.

   lubricate.                                                                  polishing.


Modular kitchen care set consisting of:
1 x 200 ml Activ-S natural care oil for beech wood, peat, tabac, grey wood
1 x non-woven cloth
1 x abrasive fleece against soiling
2 x gloves


The active-S 3-Care-Set from Immediately available
from us for 
26,00 Euro including VAT




Article description Article no.   Execution Price
Care oil active-S 3 1023453 3-parts 26,00 Euro



Also available for the activ- S3 | Repair set
tabac, peat and grey wood oil for
color adjustment after coarse use 100 ml
20,00 Euro including VAT



Article description Article no.   Execution Price
Repair set active-S 3 1023453 3-parts 20,00 Euro


Activ- S bloc Pflegeanleitung Modulküchensystem



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